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Задание 11




Часть предложения 2 1 3 5 7 6




A — 2: whenever a need arises

B — 1: but we did anyway

C — 3: they did not really care

D — 5: I could not guarantee would even last

E — 7: someone will always have a shoulder to cry on

F — 6: I am eternally grateful for a second chance



Friendship and Love


A strong friendship takes a significant amount of time to develop. It will not just magically mature overnight. A friendship involves committing oneself to help another person __whenever a need arises__. I believe that, nothing can replace a true friend, not material objects, or money, and definitely not a boy.


I met this guy a couple summers ago who I ended up spending almost all of my free time with. His parents did not approve of our dating because of our age difference, __but we did anyway__. He had told me the day we met that he had joined the air force and would leave for overseas that coming October. After three months had past, the time came when he had to leave. This left me feeling completely alone.


I turned to my friends for support, but to my surprise, __they did not really care__. I had spent so much time with this guy and so little time with them, that they did not feel sorry for me when he left. For so long they had become the only constant in my life, and I had taken them for granted over something __I could not guarantee would even last__.

When my boyfriend came back, our relationship changed. I tried to fix all the aspects in my life that had gone so wrong in the previous six months.


This experience taught me that true friendships will only survive if one puts forth effort to make them last. Keeping friends close will guarantee that __someone will always have a shoulder to cry on__. When a relationship falls apart, a friend will always do everything in their power to make everything less painful. As for me, I try to keep my friends as close as I can. I know they will always support me in whatever I do, and to them, __I am eternally grateful for a second chance__.



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