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Задание 11



Часть предложения 4 2 6 5 7 1




A — 4: which is comparable with modern stadiums

B — 2: which was built in the early I century

C — 6: the venue for major international festivals

D — 5: which are connected by more than 150 canals

E — 7: that time it produced a lot of attractions

F — 1: that is the largest in Venice



Beautiful cities of Italy


The political and cultural centre of Italy is the ‘Eternal City’, Rome. Ever since the Roman Empire, as its capital, Rome has become famous as a centre of European culture. The most striking sights of Rome are, of course, the Colosseum and the Forum. Once the Colosseum was able to receive about 50 thousand spectators, __which is comparable with modern stadiums__ and concert halls. The Pantheon, the old temple of all gods, __which was built in the early I century__, is also located in Rome.


The second most important town in Italy is Milan. Milan is the capital of fashion and (C) __the venue for major international festivals__, exhibitions and conferences. The main attraction of Milan is its Cathedral Square, where the monument to the King Victor Emmanuel II is installed. Theatre fans will not be left disappointed by visiting the Theatre of La Scala.


The most popular city among tourists is Venice. The city is unique because it has more than 120 islands, __which are connected by more than 150 canals__ and 400 bridges. Venice has been known for more than fifteen hundred years, and for __that time it produced a lot of attractions__. The main area of the city is Saint Mark’s Square with the Cathedral of San Marco. One of the most beautiful buildings in Venice is the Palace of Doges. The other famous attraction is the Grand Canal __that is the largest in Venice__.


In addition to this, there are such beautiful cities in Italy as Naples, Turin, Florence, Genoa, Pisa and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. All of them are outstanding places to visit.



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