Задание 10

Прочитайте утверждения 1 – 6 и следующие за ними тексты. Установите соответствие между утверждениями и содержанием текстов. Запишите в таблицу цифру 1, если утверждение верное, цифру 0, если утверждение неверное.


A. Atlanta is the most populated metropolitan area in the Southeast. It has the world’s second busiest airport. After World War II no city grew more than Atlanta. Of the 500 largest companies in the USA, 450 have offices in Atlanta. One of these, Coca-Cola, is no surprise as the formula of Coca-Cola was developed more than 100 years ago in Atlanta. Atlanta’s sights are of great interest.

Those who are interested in history should visit Martin Luther King Historic District. If you like “Gone With The Wind”, then go to see the Margaret Mitchell Room in the Atlanta Public Library. Here you will find autographed copies of her famous book. In Grant Park you will find no sports grounds, but there is the Cyclorame, which contains the world’s largest painting in the round. The length of three football fields, it depicts the 1864 Civil War Battle of Atlanta with lighting and sound effects.


  1. Atlanta is home to a typical American product.
  2. Tourists can visit the room where Margaret Mitchell lived.
  3. There are three football fields in Grant Park.




B. Chicago is called “The Second City”, even though Los Angeles has replaced it as the second largest city of the nation. Today Chicago leads the country as a railway centre and as a grain and livestock market. It is American largest lake port, and second only to New York city in printing and publishing.

After the Great Fire of 1871, Chicago rebuilt itself to become the birthplace of modern design. Chicago’s most striking feature is its skyscrapers and breathtakingly beautiful skyline. Chicago’s architectural school has changed urban design throughout the world. Today, three of the world’s tallest buildings rise above the city. One of them is the Sears Tower, standing about 1400 feet high and covering the entire city block. From the skydeck you can see four states on a clear day.


  1. Chicago is larger than Los Angeles.
  2. Chicago is the busiest railroad centre in the USA.
  3. Chicago’s architecture has influenced the style of modern cities.




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T или F




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