Задание 10


Which place:


  1. is home to the competitions between two nations?                                 4. gave the name to a suit?
  2. was home to the man who became a national symbol?                          5. was a good start for a famous business?
  3. was a famous novel created in?                                                                     6. can be visited by kids every day?


A. Troy is an industrial city. In the early 1800s Samuel Wilson lived there. He was a thin man with a big hat, which had many stars on it. His dress had the colours of the US flag and he later began to symbolize the US. Where did «Uncle Sam» come from? During the war of 1812 he was a meat packer and supplied the Army with beef which he stamped with the letters to show that the meat belonged to the US government. But people connected it with Uncle Sam and jokingly called it ‘Uncle Sam’s Beef.’


B. Tuxedo was established in the 1880s by Pierre Lorillard IV for very rich people. The huge attractive looking houses were home to well-known people who were very fashionable. The formal dinner jackets and trousers that men had to wear became known as tuxedos. Every year the New York Renaissance Festival takes place. Festival visitors are invited in formal dress.


C. In 1779 General Sullivan defeated the Indians at a decisive battle and nine years later the first settlers built their cabins on the place that is now known as Elmira. Mark Twain married Olivia Langdon, who lived in Elmira, and spent many summers there. The world-famous The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and others of his classic works were written in this place.


D. The Frederick Remington Art Museum displays bronzes, oil paintings and sketches by Frederick Remington, famed for his depictions of the American frontier. It is the largest collection of the artist’s works. The museum recreates the artist’s studio where many famous works were created.


D. Central Park contains wooded and landscaped grounds, lakes, two outdoor skating rinks where figure skating competitions take place, a swimming pool and fields for playing different games. Among the park’s attractions is the Children’s Zoo which contains small animals. It is open daily 10–4.30.


F. This small town was home to F.W. Woolworth, a well-known businessman, who during a county fair in 1878 tested the idea of selling things which all cost 5 cents. It was a great success, and now Woolworth stores are well-known in many countries.


G. Saranac Lake surrounded by the mountains is a popular place for holidaymakers. Every year the Alpo International Sled Dog Races takes place in January, and the American-Canadian Rugby Tournament in July.




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