Задание 10


Which place:


  1. is rich in building material?                                                                           4. is a birthplace of a famous poet?
  2. was a publishing centre?                                                                                5. was described in many books?
  3. was an important medical centre?                                                               6. is a centre of making medical tools?



A. Rochester was originally called the «Flour city» because of its milling industries. Rochester also became known as the «Flower City» because of its rich gardening areas. It has the nation’s largest film and camera plant and leads in the manufacture of surgical instruments, needed for rare operations, optical and dental goods.


B. Herkimer was settled in 1725. It has had a long history. It began as a dairying centre producing butter and cheese, then during the early 1800s it became a centre of state politics and meetings. In 1865 Warner Miller improved the process of making paper from wood and they began to print newspapers and books there. Theodore Dreiser wrote his novel An American Tragedy carefully studying what took place in the town.


C. Cooperstown was founded in 1786 by Judge William Cooper, father of James Fenimore Cooper, who wrote The Last of the Mohicans and other works. Otsego Lake in a beautiful setting of hills and forests is the setting for many Cooper’s novels. Many of the town’s buildings and homes have been carefully kept so that they look as in Cooper’s time.


D. Saranac Lake was first settled in 1819. Because of good climatic conditions it very soon became an important treatment centre for people who were ill with tuberculosis, an infectious disease during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many treatment centres from those days still stand along Saranac Lakes streets. Now it’s a popular vacation place.


E. Potsdam was settled in 1803 by Benjamin Raymond, a land agent for the Clarkson family. The family ran a variety of businesses. They founded the Thomas Clarkson College of Technology, built a schoolhouse, which became part of the state university system in 1949. Sandstone dug in the area has been used for structures in New York City and other cities of the USA.


F. Huntington has seen several historic events. The famous American poet Walt Whitman was born here. The farmhouse where he was born is furnished in period, with a library and changing exhibits. The British hanged Nathan Hale, an American, here as a spy in 1776. The memorial Monument marks the spot where he was captured.


G. Panama Rocks consist of an erupted Paleozoic ocean floor made of ocean quartz. The rocks are huge and some are more than 60 feet high. Geologic features include small caves, hundreds of passageways and thousands of cracks.








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