Задание 10


  1. Hotel                                                                                                                  5. Safety rules
  2. Climate                                                                                                              6. Parks
  3. Parking                                                                                                              7. Sightseeing
  4. Newspapers



A. On most downtown Manhattan streets people are not allowed to leave their cars. Midtown car parks and garages are about $6.75 an hour. Some restaurants and hotels have free car parks. If you are staying at a hotel with this service, it is easiest to leave your car in the garage and use public transport or taxis.


B. Start your day with a laugh, enjoy the funniest pictures in The New York Daily News. Turn over the pages of The NY Times which has won a total of 108 Pulitzer prizes. Read 11 English and foreign language papers which come out every day and you will be in touch with serious problems in the world and in the country.


C. Seasons in New York are distinct. Summers are generally hot and humid, with practically no difference between daytime and evening temperatures. Winters tend to be bitter, although snow and sleet are not that often. Spring and autumn are mild in the day time and cool at nights.


D. This is a great way to see New York. Drivers are experienced and you will feel safe; buses are comfortable and you will feel fine in any weather. They are all air-conditioned. You are offered different excursions. The all-day excursions visit the top tourist attractions and other excursions which last from 2 to 4 hours can be interesting for people with different tastes.


E. No visit to Long Island is complete without the Marriot. Centrally located near Roosevelt Raceway and Roosevelt Field Indoor Mall, it offers expensive and comfortable rooms, fine restaurants, a lively nightclub with an indoor pool. You will be offered outstanding service and hospitality. For information and reservation call (800)228-9290.


F. Drivers, front seat passengers and all back seat passengers younger than 10 must fasten their seat belts around themselves. The state law takes these precautions to protect people against possible trouble. Drivers pay if their passengers are younger than 16 and not wearing seat belts.








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