Задание 10


  1. Dance                                                                                                                 5. Imaginary person
  2. Souvenirs                                                                                                          6. Shops
  3. Food and drink                                                                                                7. Language
  4. Material



A Irish hand-made tweed is famous all over the world for its individual look, its quality and different colours. This cloth is made from wool and widely used for caps, hats, skirts, trousers, and jackets. Tweeds can be bought in most of the larger cities as well as in the specialist tweed shops. The most famous place for tweed production in Ireland is Donegal.


B. Ceili consists of hundreds of people. They join arms together, dance up and down a hall at high speeds to the fast sounds of Irish traditional music. Men and women move so quickly turning round and round, that if they don’t fall at least once, it means that they are not trying hard enough.


C. Gaelic is not widely used today in Ireland. With hundreds of years of colonisation by the British it lost its significance and was used less and less. It wasn’t allowed to be taught in the schools, and it became impossible to use Gaelic in most jobs.


D. Irish products are very popular. Irish hand-made farmhouse cheeses, chocolates and wild smoked salmon taste so nice that they are known everywhere. Many people like Irish coffee which is a hot drink made with coffee, whiskey, and cream. Baileys, a cream liqueur, is becoming known internationally. We must also mention Guinness, is a type of beer, which for many years has been as the meal in a glass.


E. Children in Ireland love to listen to stories about leprechaun, a small wizard with magic powers who could make impossible things happen. He is dressed in green velvet and wears a shiny black belt and magic shoes. He is very small, no more than half a metre tall. He has a pot of gold and gets very angry if he thinks someone is trying to steal it.


F. Irish products are of great value and high quality. They can always tell a story of the history, culture and geography of the place where they were made. Most visitors know of Aran sweaters, Irish lace, Ulster linen table-cloths and bed covers, Galway glasses, Tara plates and cups. Hardly any visitor leaves the country without buying something which will remind them of the country later.









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