Задание 10


In which place сan visitors:


  1. buy souvenirs?                                                                                                 4. see a very old building?
  2. lie in the sun?                                                                                                   5. eat Irish food?
  3. do water sports?                                                                                              6. see a friendly sea animal?



A. From Dalkey, a pretty village in beautiful surroundings, one can take a trip on a boat out to Dalkey Island, where climbing the ruined watch tower will provide stunning views of Killiney Bay. The coastal waters are perfect for swimming, and there is a long, clean white sandy beach called Killiney Bay which is great for sunbathing.


D. Bray is 20 km from Dublin city and used to be a holiday resort for people from Dublin and Britain. It’s popular for its mile long sea walk, but its best days have passed. A few kilometres south of Bray will bring you into some of the nicest countryside in Ireland, including the impressive Powerscourt Waterfall.


C. The attractive Gaelic speaking Aran Islands are a perfect place for a few days holiday. This is the original donkey-and-cart landscape, so beloved of the postcard industry. The famous woolen white Aran sweaters come from here. The largest of the three islands, Inishmore, boasts one of the only buildings in Western Europe, which dates from 500 BC.


D. Dingle Peninsula is a Gaelic speaking area known for the beauty of the Atlantic landscape. The most famous resident is not human at all, but a dolphin called Fungi. The dolphin has lived in Dingle harbour for the past seven years, offering friendship to all who swim near him, particularly children.


E Kilkenny is a large busy market town and the most attractive in the midlands. It is much loved by tourists. The narrow winding streets with small shops give an old-world atmosphere to the place. The Kilkenny Shop is one of many which has a wide range of goods that tourists usually buy: Irish-made clothes and crafts.


F. Enniskerry is a pretty little village and only a bus ride from Dublin. It offers access to the Wicklow Mountains where you’ll find good home-cooked food in Poppies, a famous restaurant. Smoked salmon, Irish farmhouse cheeses, handmade chocolates are always served here.


G. Cork is Ireland’s largest county. It is best loved for the coastal fishing villages which come alive in the summer months. One of them is Cobh which was the main emigration port during the Great Famine of the 1840s. Plenty of sailing, windsurfing and boat trips are available around the harbour. Another is set in a thickly wooded valley. It is commemorated in poems for richness of the vegetation, influenced by the warm Gulf Stream current.




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