Задание 10


  1. Personal style in a uniform                                                                           5. A hobby that carries away
  2. Old but dear                                                                                                      6. Meaning without words
  3. Get a holiday spirit                                                                                          7. The number is not guilty
  4. Dance competition                                                                                          8. Yes to school uniform



A. Dance is in my heart, in my blood and in my mind. I dance daily. The seldom-used dining room of my house is now an often-used ballroom. The CD-changer has five discs at the ready: waltz, rock-and-roll, swing, salsa, and tango. Tango is a complex and difficult dance. I take three dancing lessons a week, and I am off to Buenos Aires for three months to feel the culture of tango.


B. Clothes play an important role in my life. My passion for fashion began when I was in elementary school. I attended a private school with uniformed dress code. At first I felt bad that I could not wear what I wanted, but soon I learned to display my creativity and style through shoes and accessories. They can make each of us each of us unique, in a uniform or not.


C. I believe that music has a bigger place in our society than it is given credit for. The single word ‘music’ covers so many styles. Rock bands and classical musicians make listeners get the meaning from the music. Music tells stories about life and death, expresses feelings of love, sadness, anger, guilt, and pain without using words.


D. Even as an eighteen year old young adult, I still feel the magic of Christmas. I believe in a real Christmas tree. My family has had a real Christmas tree every year of my life. When you get home and smell the sweet pine needles, something magical goes into your soul, raises your spirits. Every year we buy a real tree to fully embrace the spirit of Christmas.


E. People often try to get rid of the number thirteen. Many hotels and office buildings across the world do not have a 13th floor! I believe that the number thirteen is not an unlucky number. I was born on January, 13 and do not consider myself unlucky in any way at all! I believe that this number should have all the rights and respect we give the rest of the numbers.


F. Many kids that go to public schools don’t wear a uniform. They like to show off the new expensive clothes and often have trouble picking out outfits for school in the morning. They are more worried about whether their shirt matches the belt, rather than if the homework is completed. I believe that this is a fault of our school system and only causes problems.


G. They say that the music of your youth is the soundtrack of your life. I am 50; I enjoy new artists and new music, but I still find words of wisdom in singles of sixties and seventies, still believe that «you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need,» that «all you need is love.» I like to listen to the songs I grew up with.








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