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Interviewer: Hello everybody, and welcome to our daily program ‘Stardom.’ Today is a very special day, as in our studio we’ll be talking to Maggie Smith, a famous actress. Good afternoon, Maggie.

Maggie: Good afternoon. It’s a great pleasure to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

Interviewer: What do you think is special about the job of an actor?

Maggie: For me, the people who chose me early, helped me to know as a teenager that the job of an actor is to immerse oneself fully in this human, your personage, and never look back at what people are going to think of me. But I see that people get burdened by it all the time. I feel really lucky that Instagram didn’t exist when we started. I don’t think it’s easy for beginners trying to immerse themselves in a role and then being told: ‘You don’t have that many followers. It will be great to build that.’

Interviewer: Do you like your job?

Maggie: Yes, I do. I think I needed that very kind of job. I was born to do that. Acting is about mirroring. We get to mirror what happens in a culture like that — the insecurity, or vulnerability, or rage, or anything about being a woman…about aging, about men’s perception of women. Not everybody can do that. I can.

Interviewer: What can you tell us about your current project?

Maggie: It will soon be released, and it’s a thriller. It was an exciting experience for me, because the Director made us live together in the house we were shooting in. And the house was a practical house, a real house, and this was our characters’ house too — our family house. We all lived there as actors and we cooked together, and so on. The film has a special atmosphere due to that. I felt as if in some kind of a reality show.

Interviewer: Are your friends actors as well? Or do you prefer to make friends outside of your professional circle?

Maggie: With most actors, their best friends are also actors. Of course, there’s rivalry between one actor and another, but generally, no. It’s hard to understand, but there’s something unique about the feeling you can get when you do the theatre or are on a film set when you’re with a company of actors, and you are all living in the same hotel, and you are going to the theatre eight times a week, and going to the bar every night after the show together. You form this crazy intimacy from the exertion of the intimate involvement of doing a great play after being on a film set. We are family for the rest of our lives.

Interviewer: Who is your favorite film director?

Maggie: Oh, that’s a tough question. I guess it has to be Steven Spielberg. You can see him cussing the entire film as you are shooting one take. He’s like ‘Can we do it again?’ because then that’s going to cut into this and that. That’s its own kind of genius. Also, he’s totally not afraid of the actor. He doesn’t have any fear. Some people, you see that they’re more comfortable being around the crew, and dealing with the editorial, or the shot, or the composition. Spielberg is right at home equally in both arenas. He loves actors.

Interviewer: You are so famous, but you easily agree to work with beginners in directing. How come?

Maggie: Yes. I work with these filmmakers and I think it’s the right thing to do. I know the sacrifice of it. At the time, when you work on a Limsey Project…to work with these amazing young filmmakers, who were doing something really different — that’s the goal for me. That’s cinema history. We forever have the performances I’ve given them, and will continue to give.

Interviewer: Thank you for talking to us, Maggie.






3. Maggie says that an actor must …

1) plunge into the person he plays.



4. In Maggie’s opinion, Instagram could be …

3) discouraging.



5. Why does Maggie think she’s good at her job?

1) She can do what is required in profession.



6. Which of the following is TRUE about Maggie’s current project?

3) It brought the actors closer together.



7. Why, according to Maggie, are most actors’ friends also actors?

3) They are bound to spend a lot of time together.



8. Why does Maggie like working with Steven Spielberg?

3) Because of his behaviour with actors.



9. Why does Maggie agree to work with young directors?

2) Their work could be very original.



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