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Presenter: Hello everyone, and welcome to our show ‘Celebrities Today.’ Tonight in the studio, we are happy to welcome a well-known actress, Kim Tottenham.

Kim: Good afternoon. It is good to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

Presenter: Kim, your last success as a hockey wife in the sitcom ‘Married to an Ice Rink’ is unbelievable. You’re considered the sitcom actress of the year. How do you feel about that?

Kim: Well, it is great, of course. But I’ve never really been big on all that attention. I simply try to do my job well, and I guess it pays off. But all the noise around my success is not really my cup of tea.

Presenter: What do you mean? Do you not like to be seen as glamourous?

Kim: Not really. It’s funny, but I am first a mother and a wife, and then an actress. You know, I see this as a job and not as a lifestyle. It is what I am good at, and it brings money. Good money, of course. But this job doesn’t own me.

Presenter: I’ve heard that you’ve got an unusual outlook on life for a celebrity. Tell us a bit more of your role as a family woman.

Kim: It’s ironic, really, but in this last sitcom, I play a hockey player’s wife. But at the same time, that’s who I am in real life as well. My husband is a well-known hockey player, and we have three kids. All the kids are in school now, but they are still my main priority in life. We do a lot together.

Presenter: That’s interesting. Do you think that is why your role in ‘Married to an Ice Rink’ came so naturally to you?

Kim: Maybe. Of course, my heroine is quite different from me in terms of character and temperament. But the day-to-day routines of juggling my husband’s schedule and mine were very familiar to me. We are both very active public, busy people. So we work extra hard not to lose our close connection to each other.

Presenter: You said your heroine is different from you. Could you tell us how so?

Kim: Sure. Lisa, my heroine, is selfish and ambitious, and I prefer to put the needs of others first. Also, she is very athletic – a lot more than me. I work out twice or three times a week and Lisa goes to the gym daily. She also has a million friends, whereas I have a couple of close friends and spend time with family more. Those are the main differences, I believe.

Presenter: It must have been challenging to play such a different person, but you did an excellent job. Tell us, what are the plans for your future? Will this sitcom have another season?

Kim: Yes, and I will be staring again as Lisa, but this will be our last season. My contract is for two years. I am looking into some TV journalism, doing some talk shows, or hosting some show of my own. I have a university degree in media, so this is something I’ve been dreaming of since I finished studying. My acting career picked up from the time I graduated, so I haven’t had time to slow down and do something different. So, I believe next year I will try something new.

Presenter: How exciting. What kind of people would you want to invite to your shows?

Kim: I am hoping to hear from people who do something to change the world. I’ve been reading about men and women who volunteer in difficult areas of our globe, where there is fighting, hunger, destitution. I would love to listen to their stories, and have the audience get acquainted with these modern day heroes.

Presenter: What a noble idea you have. I hope your dream comes true and you will host such a show. I will be your viewer, for sure.

Kim: Thank you, John. But before I do that, I will have to live through one more year of a busy sitcom actress.

Presenter: Good luck to you Kim and we are looking forward to watching your show.






3. Kim’s success as an actress makes her feel …

2) slightly uncomfortable.



4. Kim thinks that acting is …

3) just a job.



5. One thing Kim and her heroine have in common is their …

1) life-partner’s occupation.



6. Kim thinks that the most difficult thing for her and her husband is to …

3) find more time to be together.



7. According to Kim, her heroine and she are different in their …

3) personalities.



8. Hosting a TV show for Kim is …

1) a long-time ambition.



9. Kim hopes to introduce people who …

2) deal with world problems.



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