Задания 3-9



Вы услышите интервью. В заданиях 3–9 запишите в поле ответа цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному Вами варианту ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды.



3. Sarah’s love for animals started when she …

1) became a college student.

2) first went to Africa.

3) was a young girl.



4. At her first job Sarah wanted to make money for her …

1) future education.

2) African trip.

3) documentary film.



5. When Sarah first tried to study monkeys, she …

1) failed at her attempt.

2) became well-known.

3) befriended many animals.



6. Sarah went to Africa for the second time together with …

1) her colleague.

2) her mother.

3) an African scientist.



7. The monkeys learned to trust Sarah because she …

1) played games with them.

2) fed them for a long time.

3) tried to copy their behaviour.



8. It took Sarah two years to …

1) be accepted into a group of monkeys.

2) study the basics of monkeys’ behaviour.

3) establish a camp on the shore.



9. Sarah considers her African years as the best time of her life because she …

1) learned to climb trees naturally.

2) had a lot of fun there.

3) was able to join the world of animals.




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