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Задание 2

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Peter: Hi, Lucy! You weren’t at school today. What is the matter? I was worried about you.

Lucy: Hi, Peter. It’s nothing serious, actually. I just felt a bit sick in the morning, so my mom let me stay at home.

Peter: You poor thing! And are you feeling better now?

Lucy: Yeah, much better, thank you. I guess it must have been the pizza that I ate yesterday. That was the reason for my bad stomachache. I had too much. But now, yeah, I feel all right. I think I won’t have to miss any more lessons this week.

Peter: But you haven’t been to the doctor’s office, have you? Won’t you have problems at school because you missed classes? When I was ill last month, I brought a medical certificate to school.

Lucy: Well, my mom called our class teacher, so I don’t think there will be any problems. Besides, we don’t have many lessons on Wednesdays. How was Geography, by the way? Did you take a test?

Peter: Oh, no, we didn’t, but we revised the material for the test. The teacher asked several people to do exercises with the map of the UK at the blackboard, and then we had a sort of contest in groups where we had to find different mountains, rivers and lakes – the quicker the better, that was fun! And we also checked our homework and asked the teacher questions if we were not sure about the answers. You know, I feel well-prepared for tomorrow’s test now.

Lucy: Wait a second! Are we going to take the test tomorrow? I can’t believe it!

Peter: Yes, our teacher said that we are starting a new topic next week, so we have to finish this one tomorrow. Do you need any help with geography?

Lucy: Uh, if you can lend me your exercise-book with notes and checked homework, that would save me hours.

Peter: I am afraid I can’t give you my exercise book right now because I have to revise the material for the test myself. But if you call me in two hours, we could probably study for the test together.

Lucy: Sounds like a great idea. And thanks so much for offering to help. It’s so nice to have a friend like you.

Peter: No problem. See you later then. Bye for now.

Lucy: Bye, Peter.




A. Lucy wasn’t at school for several days. — 2: False

B. Lucy felt bad because of overeating. — 1: True

C. Lucy’s mother is a doctor. — 3: Not stated

D. Peter did exercises with the map of the UK. — 3: Not stated

E. Peter is not afraid of the test. — 1: True

F. Peter offers his notes to Lucy. — 2: False

G. Lucy and Peter are going to review for the test later. — 1: True




Соответствие диалогу 2 1 3 3 1 2




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