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Задание 2

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Receptionist: Hello, Windsor Travel Company, how may I help you?

Tourist: Hello, I was just wondering if you could offer me a tour of Windsor. This is my first visit to England and I want to make the most of it. I’ve been dreaming of visiting Windsor for quite a long time, so …

Receptionist: And may I tell you that you have phoned the very right place! We’re the oldest company in Great Britain to offer a variety of guided tours to Windsor.

Tourist: So you have several routes? I’m surprised to hear that as I thought Windsor’s a really tiny town.

Receptionist: Windsor isn’t big but there’s so much to see and do there. Would you like me to list some of the opportunities?

Tourist: Yes, please.

Receptionist: Well, the most famous attraction in Windsor is certainly the magnificent Windsor Castle – the most romantic castle in the world. When the Queen is in residence, her presence is marked by the flying of her personal standard from the Round Tower. You may be lucky to see that.

Tourist: I guess Windsor Castle is a must for a tourist like me. What can I see there?

Receptionist: First you go to St George’s Chapel – one of England’s most beautiful ecclesiastic structures – and move forward to Queen Mary’s Doll’s House a perfect miniature palace with working lights and lifts, and even running water in all its 5 bathrooms!

Tourist: That must be amazing! Anything else I could see apart from Windsor Castle?

Receptionist: You may stroll to the Household Cavalry Museum. Inside is a comprehensive collection of the Regiment’s uniforms, weapons and armour as used from 1600 to the present day. One more thing absolutely worth seeing is Windsor Great Park and Smith’s Lawn.

Tourist: Is it possible to combine all these things into one day’s tour?

Receptionist: Most people feel one day isn’t enough for them but you’ll have a general impression and can come back next time you’re in England.

Tourist: And what about shopping opportunities? I’d really love to buy some souvenirs for my family and friends.

Receptionist: Windsor Royal Station will suit you. The covered shopping area combines modern store design and user-friendly facilities.

Tourist: Good. I think I’ll order a tour now.




A. The tourist has visited England before. — 2: False

B. There is a number of sightseeing attractions in Windsor besides Windsor Castle. — 1: True

C. The tourist hopes to see the Queen in Windsor. — 3: Not stated

D. The Household Cavalry Museum occupies a part of Windsor Castle. — 2: Flase

E. The tourist wants to see Windsor Great Park on a separate day. — 2: False

F. The receptionist claims that most tourists need more than one day to spend in Windsor. — 1: True

G. The tourist wants to buy postcards with the town views. — 3: Not stated




Соответствие диалогу 2 1 3 2 2 1




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