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Задание 2

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Amanda: Hi, Bill. I haven’t seen you for ages. How are you?

Bill: Oh, hi, Amanda. I’m really glad to see you.

Amanda: Hey, you look down in the dumps. What’s the matter? Aren’t you happy that the school year is finally over?

Bill: Well, you have every reason to be happy. You have passed all your exams with flying colours. And that’s not my case. I almost failed my math exam.

Amanda: Really? Are you so bad at maths?

Bill: Oh, Amanda, the subject is torture. I can’t make out anything the teacher says. It doesn’t really matter how many times she explains it to me, it’s completely over my head.

Amanda: Come on, Bill, you can’t be that bad. I don’t remember you having so many problems with maths before. When did it all start?

Bill: Well, in September I returned from that exchange program in France, and then I got ill after a couple of weeks at school.

Amanda: Oh, yes, that nasty flu you had. You missed like three weeks at school, or so.

Bill: Exactly. Then I came back to studies, but it seemed just impossible to catch up with the rest of the class. I guess I should have returned to the parts of the student book that I missed, but I didn’t do that.

Amanda: Well, Bill, it was certainly a mistake. If you had returned to the material you missed, you would have understood everything.

Bill: I know, Amanda, I know. The question is – What should I do now?

Amanda: You have the whole summer ahead. Find some maths courses or online lessons on the topic you don’t understand. Take the student book and pull your socks up.

Bill: Do you really think I’m happy to study in summer? Everybody will be having fun in the sun, and I’ll be reading books and solving math problems.

Amanda: I understand it doesn’t sound exciting, but at the same time I believe you have no other way out. You don’t want to do even worse next semester, do you?

Bill: I guess you’re right. I’ll phone the educational centre on High Street, and they are said to have classes and mini-groups, as well as tutorials.

Amanda: I’ve heard that they have morning classes with a discount. But that means you’ll have to get up early.

Bill: Oh, Amanda, you know that I don’t mind it at all. I’m an early bird, plus I’ll be able to save some money this way.

Amanda: So, what are you waiting for? Call them now.




A. Amanda is a good student. — 1: True

B. Bill has always had problems with Maths. — 2: False

C. Bill spent a year as an exchange student in France. — 3: Not stated

D. Bill is not enthusiastic about studying in summer. — 1: True

E. Morning classes are more expensive than evening ones in the centre. — 2: False

F. Bill is going to study Maths in a mini group. — 3: Not stated

G. Bill hates getting up early in the morning.  — 2: False




Соответствие диалогу 1 2 3 1 2 3




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