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Задание 2

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Mall gift advisor: Good evening. How may I help you?

Young man: Good evening. You see, I’m looking for a present for my girlfriend, and I’m totally at a loss. I need your professional help.

Mall gift advisor: Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out. I hope you don’t mind me asking you a few questions to help you more effectively.

Young man: Yeah, sure, go ahead.

Mall gift advisor: So, what is the occasion you are looking for a present for? Is it your girlfriend’s birthday, or is it your anniversary?

Young man: Oh, I see. It’s her birthday. She’ll be twenty on Sunday.

Mall gift advisor: Have you thought about the budget yet?

Young man: Well, I was thinking of a reasonable sum of money. I wouldn’t like to buy something too expensive, and thus embarrass Julia.

Mall gift advisor: I can see what you mean. Well, how long have you known the lady?

Young man: It’s been two years, I think.

Mall gift advisor: So, you must know at least something about her tastes and preferences.

Young man: She’s passionate about fashion, but I’m helpless there. Even if I give her a gift certificate, I can’t be sure it’s for a shop she likes.

Mall gift advisor: Yes, gift certificates for clothes shops can be an unsafe option. Besides, she will know exactly how much money you have spent on the present, and that’s not always good.

Young man: I’m of the same opinion. She’s also fond of crafts. So, I can buy a gift certificate for a craft shop.

Mall gift advisor: Well, that may be a solution. Again, you don’t know if she likes the assortment in this very shop. It’s a very delicate matter with hobbies.

Young man: What shall I do then?

Mall gift advisor: Well, if you can afford that, give experiences, not things. In our shopping mall, we have a store with tickets to the theatres and exhibitions. We also have an entertainment agency, where they will help you to organize an unforgettable party, or a ride on a hot air balloon. Your girlfriend will be very pleased. Plus, she will have great photos to show in Instagram, or any other social media profile.

Young man: It’s a perfect solution. Thank you so much, I’m going to that agency straight away.

Mall gift advisor: You’re welcome. I wish your girlfriend and you to have a great day. And don’t forget to buy a bouquet of flowers.

Young man: I won’t.




A. The young man thinks he can choose a present himself. — 2: False

B. The man is choosing a present for his mother’s birthday. — 2: False

C. The man doesn’t want to spend too much on the present. — 1: True

D. The man doesn’t think a gift certificate is a good idea. — 2: False

E. The shop assistant thinks a present would be better than an experience. — 2: False

F. The young man’s girlfriend has a profile in Instagram. — 3: Not stated

G. The young man often buys flowers to his girlfriend. — 3: Not stated




Соответствие диалогу 2 2 1 2 2 3




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