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Задание 2

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Andy: Hey, Sarah, how’s it going?

Sarah: Hi, Andy. All is well. How are you?

Andy: I guess I’m okay. It’s just that my mom doesn’t let me play on my phone anymore.

Sarah: Really? Why is that? Have you been spending too much time on your mobile lately?

Andy: I suppose so. I got this new game a couple of days ago. One of my friends downloaded it for me and now I want to get through all the levels, but my mom won’t let me.

Sarah: Well Andy, I’m sorry, but I kind of think she’s right. She’s just worried about your health, that’s all. You know, playing for too long on such a small screen can hurt your eyesight.

Andy: Oh, I know, but last week I had to go to the optician because I couldn’t see things on the board in class. The doctor said my eyesight has really worsened.

Sarah: You see, that’s why your mom is on you for playing this new game. If I were you, I wouldn’t even download any new games for now, so I wouldn’t be tempted to play them all the time.

Jim: Sarah, you sound like you don’t play computer games. Is that so?

Sarah: I play sometimes, but not every day. I have no more than five games on my computer, and maybe one on my mobile. There are so many other things to do that I haven’t got time for games.

Jim: What are you so busy with?

Sarah: Well, lots of homework usually, and then I’ve got football practice every day. So I’m too tired to play on my phone when I have free time. I often simply go to bed instead. When I get a chance, I also like to go outside and play with my dog.

Jim: Football sounds fun. I like to play with the boys from my class after school, but the thought of joining a team has never crossed my mind.

Sarah: Well, you should try it if you like the game. You can come to the tryouts with me next week. They put out an announcement last week at my sports club about selecting new team members for the boys’ team.

Jim: Really? Well, I’m going to consider it, then. It would surely make my mom happy.

Sarah: Good. We could go to practices together if you get on the team, because they are usually at the same time as the girls team. Well, speaking of football, my practice is in 10 minutes, so I’ve got to get going.

Jim: It was good seeing you Sarah, have a good time at the practice, and thank you for the idea but joining a team.

Sarah: You’re welcome. I hope it works out for you. See you later.




A. Andy’s mother likes it when he plays on his phone. — 2: False

B. Sarah supports Andy’s mum decision. — 1: True

C. Andy doesn’t have any health problems. — 2: False

D. Sarah plays computer games at the weekend. — 3: Not stated

E. Sarah has daily football training. — 1: True

F. Andy thought about joining a football team last year. — 2: False

G. Sarah’s team does not need new players. — 3: Not stated




Соответствие диалогу 2 1 2 3 1 2




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