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Задание 2

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Jim: Hey, Bella, how are you? You look very busy.

Bella: Oh, hi, Jim. It’s so good to see you. Yeah, I am busy. I’m getting ready for my gap year in Australia. Can you believe it? I have so many things to do before I go, and I need to buy good backpack, and I must write up a list. I can’t remember it all.

Jim: Australia? Why Australia? It’s such a remote place, and it’s so far from Britain, from your home in London.

Bella: Well, actually, Australia is one of the most popular places to visit among backpackers and budget travellers.

Jim: How come? The flights are long, and they must be expensive.

Bella: Yes, that’s true, but it’s easy to find odd jobs there. We can move along the coastline, enjoy the ocean, and earn our living as we settle in some place for some time.

Jim: You say “we.” Who’s your travel companion then?

Bella: Oh, it’s Amanda, of course.

Jim: I see. Still, I can’t get over the shock. Do you think there is a lot of sightseeing to do there?

Bella: Well, Jim, I think Sydney has something to boast of. We’ll see this incredible bridge and the Opera House, of course, but culture isn’t why people come to Australia.

Jim: So what are you going to do there then, Bella?

Bella: We’ll go surfing of course. Amanda and I adore surfing.

Jim: Oh, I’ve clean forgotten about it. You’ll enjoy it immensely then.

Bella: Yes. We’ll go diving as well. I can’t wait to see the underwater life of the Great Barrier Reef. I’ll see turtles, vibrant coral, beautiful fish.

Jim: I’ve heard people in Australia are very friendly and that they are good at cooking.

Bella: Yes, we are hoping to make friends among locals, and try their famous beach barbecues.

Jim: Oh, I’m already envious. I wish I could join you.

Bella: Why not? Book a flight and pack your bag.

Jim: I can’t. I’ll go straight to college. No gap year for me.

Bella: Poor thing. Well, I hope in a year you’ll have some free time to travel.

Jim: I hope so too, but it won’t be much time. I mean, I’ll be doing job training at my father’s office which is very important for me. I’ll gain some experience and earn some money. I might choose Europe to travel to next summer, but Australia will definitely be too far a place to go.

Bella: I see. Well, you can follow me on Facebook and see my pics.

Jim: I will. Good luck with your trip.

Bella: Thanks!




A. Bella has a list of things to do before her trip. — 2: False

B. Bella lives in England. — 1: True

C. Bella is planning to find a part time job in Australia. — 1: True

D. Bella is older than Amanda. — 3: Not stated

E. Jim doesn’t think Australia is a good place for sightseeing. — 1: True

F. Jim will study law at college. — 3: Not stated

G. Jim is planning to go to Australia next summer. — 2: False




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