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Задание 2

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Anna: Hi, Ben. How was school today?

Ben: Hey, Anna. School was alright. How are you?

Anna: I’ve got such exciting news, Ben. You won’t believe it!

Ben: What is it, Anna? I hope it’s good!

Anna: Mom and Dad are taking us to Disneyworld in Florida. In June, after school is out!

Ben: Disneyworld? Are you serious? Which part of it should I be excited about?

Anna: Oh, Ben! All of it! We’ll see the Magic Kingdom and stay in a hotel there for three days!

Ben: Anna, don’t you think we are just a bit old for that? When was the last time we watched a cartoon?

Anna: Come on, Ben! There’ve been really awesome cartoons lately. I’ve watched them all. It’s not my fault you’ve refused to go see them with me. Remember I went with mum and dad to the cinema when “Cars” was playing, and not too long ago it was “How to Train Your Dragon”? Why didn’t you go?

Ben: That would’ve been really embarrassing, Anna!

Anna: But why? When I go with my friends, half of the audience is adults!

Ben: Hah! Of course, they are. They bring their kids to see the cartoon.

Anna: Not always. I’ve seen couples alone, without kids. Last time a new big screen cartoon came out, Mom and Dad went to see it on their date night, remember?

Ben: Well, ok, but we aren’t adults. We are teens, and teens don’t watch kids’ movies. We like to watch action films and horror films, not some children’s stories about toys or fairytale characters.

Anna: You can’t be right! My friends watch cartoons all the time, especially those in a series like the Simpsons and Futurama. Those are not for children at all, if you ask me.

Ben: You have a point there. I watch those with my pals all the time. Those are made for more grown up audiences, but Disney?

Anna: They do some serious stuff nowadays, and you know it. They have state-of-the-art technology to make great films. Sometimes it’s even hard to tell it’s an animated film, it is so good. Sometimes you forget there are no real actors in cartoons. Admit it, Ben, you are just being stubborn! Now you are excited to go to Florida as much as I am!

Ben: Florida does sound like fun after all. I guess it’s ok that we are going to Disneyworld but only if I get to see those famous mouse characters – Mickey and Minnie …

Anna: Oh, Ben …




A. Anna is looking forward to the family holiday. — 1: True

B. Ben has watched all Disney cartoons. — 2: False

C. Anna thinks that only parents with children go to the cinema to see cartoons. — 2: False

D. Ben and his friends watch cartoons at Ben’s house. — 3: Not stated

E. Anna thinks that some cartoons are like feature films. — 1: True

F. Anna thinks that Ben wouldn’t like going to Florida after all. — 2: False

G. Ben would like to meet Mickey Mouse. — 1: True




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