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Задание 2

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Sandra: Hi, Jim. How are you getting on?

Jim: Oh, hi, Sandra. It’s so nice to see you. I’m okay, more or less.

Sandra: You look so deep in thought. What’s up? Can I help you with something?

Jim: Actually, that might be not half bad an idea. You know, it’s my sister Anna’s birthday next week.

Sandra: Don’t I know it, we’re best friends.

Jim: That’s why I need your expertise. I really want to give her a good present, a really good one, but I don’t know what I can give her.

Sandra: Right. So you’ve stopped quarreling over every little thing, I’m happy to hear that.

Jim: Yeah, you know, all these conflicts were because of me. I’m a stubborn guy, you know, but I have finally realised I’ve been doing the wrong thing and I just want to say sorry.

Sandra: Why don’t you just say so?

Jim: I have, it’s just I want to do something more to make up for my behavior. You know, she’s been grounded several times because of me, and staying at home for weeks is not a nice thing.

Sandra: OK. It’s a good decision anyway. So, how much money have you got?

Jim: Enough. I’ve been saving pocket money. Besides, you know I have jobs now and then, and I get paid.

Sandra: I see. Well, she’s short on cosmetics and she’d be happy to get some. I can help you choose, or you can just give her a gift certificate and she’ll go shopping herself.

Jim: No, I don’t think it’s a good idea. It won’t leave a lasting memory. Eventually she’ll throw these things away because they’ve expired or just finished.

Sandra: Hmm. So maybe you can give her a collection of her favourite films or books or CDs? That would be a memorable present.

Jim: Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. The only problem is I don’t know which ones are her favourites and these shops don’t have gift certificates as a rule.

Sandra: You forgot about me. I can go shopping with you, or I can write a list and you’ll be fine shopping on your own.

Jim: I’d be grateful if you made up a list. Shopping can be time-consuming and you’ve already helped me so much. I don’t want to take up more of your time.

Sandra: It’s not for you, but for my best friend, remember? Besides, I need to go shopping anyway. I’ve got to buy a present too.

Jim: OK, I give up on that, when shall we go?

Sandra: How about tomorrow night?

Jim: Sounds good to me. Give me a ring, OK?




A. Sandra has been friends with Anna for a long time. — 3: Not stated

B. Jim and Anna have good relations at the moment. — 3: Not stated

C. Jim feels guilty about his behavior towards Anna. — 1: True

D. Jim has a full-time job. — 2: False

E. Jim thinks gift certificates don’t make a good present. — 1: True

F. Sandra has already bought a present for Anna. — 2: False

G. Jim and Sandra are going shopping tonight. — 2: False





Соответствие диалогу 3 3 1 2 1 2




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