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Задание 2

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Mary: Hello, James. I haven’t seen you for ages. How are you getting on?

James: Oh, hi, Mary. It’s so nice to see you. I’m fine, and what about you?

Mary: Thanks, and I’m okay, but a little bit tired.

James: Tired? Have you been studying for that history test you told me about the other day?

Mary: No, it’s not about that. I will still have to take it though, but I think I’ll be fine. I’m good at history.

James: So, if it’s not your revision, than what?

Mary: My room has just been repaired. My parents let me change the design as a birthday present. They paid for the new furniture, the workers…the whole nine yards.

James: Oh, Mary, your parents are so generous.

Mary: Yes, I’m very grateful to them.

James: So, what did you change?

Mary: You know, James, it’s hard to tell you in a few words. First of all, I decided my room should be painted beige.

James: That’s quite fashionable now. I think I’ve read about it in some magazine. I imagine it must be looking great.

Mary: Well the designer said it was not a good idea for my room because I have very little sunlight there and beige looks dull, if not accompanied by the sun.

James: How very interesting. So, what colour did you choose in the end?

Mary: I chose light green, with curtains of a darker green shade.

James: Sounds good to me. What about the furniture?

Mary: I went to dozens of shops, I think, and then I found what I needed in a very small place. My new furniture is very light, almost white. I used to have my room in very dark colours, so I was ready for some major changes. Then, I bought some potted plants and a nice rug, and that’s it. But the whole process was very tiring and took a lot of energy out of me.

James: Yes you had to take care of the tiniest details and consult the designer all the time.

Mary: That’s okay. Now I have the room of my dreams. When I wake up in the morning and see all this beauty around me. I can’t believe it’s all mine now.

James: If only I could see it.

Mary: Well, you have a chance to. I’m having a party at my place next weekend, and you are invited.

James: Really? Thank you. What shall I bring for the party?

Mary: It’s a potluck dinner, so you can bring some food, or sweets, or maybe some flowers.

James: Well it’s a house warming party so flowers are a must.

Mary: So, next weekend. I’ll text you with details.

James: Fine. I’ll be looking forward to it.




A. Mary has already passed her History test. — 2: False

B. Mary feels tired because of the repairs in her room. — 1: True

C. Mary’s parents helped her find the designer. — 3: Not stated

D. Now the main colour of Mary’s bedroom is beige. — 2: False

E. Mary’s furniture used to be very old. — 3: Not stated

F. Mary loves the new design of her room. — 1: True

G. James is going to bring flowers for the party. — 1: True




Соответствие диалогу 2 1 3 2 3 1




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