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Задание 2

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Mary: Hello, Peter. I haven’t seen you for ages. How are you getting on?

Peter: Oh, hi, Mary, it’s so nice to see you. You look great.

Mary: Thank you for the compliment. I’m not going to play it down; I’ve lost some weight because I’ve been going to the gym lately.

Peter: Well, you know, I think it’s not about the weight, actually. I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on it.

Mary: I know. It’s probably just a couple of kilos. I just felt so proud, but actually it’s nothing to be boastful of. It’s just that when I started going to the gym, my whole lifestyle changed. And I feel much healthier now, much more energetic.

Peter: What do you mean your whole lifestyle changed?

Mary: My coach said I had been eating the wrong food at the wrong times of the day. I didn’t use to have any breakfast and then I had snacks. Dieticians say a proper breakfast gives you enough energy till lunchtime and you don’t consume junk food, and you feel much better as a result.

Peter: Well, Mary, I know junk food adds weight.

Mary: Again, Peter, it’s not only about weight. It’s about how you feel. Junk food has a lot of bad ingredients in it. Your body will definitely be better off without it.

Peter: OK, you have a nutritious breakfast, is that all?

Mary: Of course not! Your breakfast must consist of carbohydrates, not fat or protein. It’s wrong to eat eggs or dairy products for breakfast, can you believe it?

Peter: Never. All hotels serve eggs for breakfast.

Mary: Yes, they do, and it’s not good for you. Eggs are good for dinner, though.

Peter: I see. It’s difficult to understand you’ve been doing the wrong thing your entire life.

Mary: When I heard it for the first time, I couldn’t take it all in either, but when I started following this regime and it worked for me, I totally believed it.

Peter: I want to feel good too. What else did your coach advise you to do?

Mary: He recommends going to sleep early and going to bed early.

Peter: Impossible for me. I’m 100% a night owl.

Mary: You might want to give it a try. It was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Peter: No, I don’t think so. I say, Mary, can I join you in the gym? When are you going there?

Mary: Actually, I got a session scheduled for tomorrow. You’ll meet my coach. I think you’ll like him.

Peter: Settled, then. See you tomorrow.




A. Mary has lost a lot of weight recently. – 1: True

B. Mary has changed some of her eating habits. – 1: True

C. Mary’s coach is a professional dietitian. – 3: Not stated

D. Peter prefers having eggs for breakfast. – 3: Not stated

E. Mary thinks her regime didn’t bring any results. – 2: False

F. Peter thinks it’s quite difficult for him to go to bed early. – 1: True

G. Peter is not going to the gym the next day. – 2: False




Соответствие диалогу 1 1 3 3 2 1




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