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Задание 2

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Mike: Hi, Anna. I haven’t seen you for ages. How are you?

Anna: Hello, Mike. Thanks, I’m fine. But I was ill, so that’s the reason why we haven’t met for a long time.

Mike: Oh, really? I hope it was nothing serious, though.

Anna: Well, I really wouldn’t like to discuss it in detail, if you don’t mind, but I’m okay now. The worst part is that I couldn’t have a birthday party because of my illness.

Mike: Oh! You had your birthday two weeks ago. Sorry I forgot to call you. I wasn’t in town. I suppose that’s why I don’t know anything about the party.

Anna: That’s okay. Yeah, I sent you an invitation by post, and then cancelled it by email. I don’t know why you didn’t get any of those.

Mike: That’s strange indeed.

Anna: Anyway, my parents wanted to please me because I couldn’t have that party, and I had been dreaming of it for a long time. So they gave me a generous check and told me to buy whatever I wanted with the money.

Mike: Oh. How sweet of them. What are you going to do with the money?

Anna: Well, it’s our last year at school, and I thought it might be nice to have a laptop when I go to college. Laptops are pricy, but with my parents’ check, I can afford it.

Mike: Anna, I think that’s an excellent choice.

Anna: Well, Mike, I guess I’ll need your help here. You are so good at computers, aren’t you?

Mike: I suppose I am. Do you want me to go shopping for a laptop with you?

Anna: Will you?

Mike: Of course! I’ll be only happy to help you. But you’ll have to explain to me what kind of laptop you want.

Anna: I want it to look beautiful. Are there any laptops in pink?

Mike: Girls will be girls. Okay. Your laptop is going to look gorgeous. But what are you going to do with its help?

Anna: Well, I’ll need to work with documents, and watch films, and browse the internet. One more important point — I’ll need to edit photos. You know I’m keen on photographing.

Mike: Is that all?

Anna: That’s pretty much it.

Mike: Well, I think we’ll easily find what you want. I’ll pop into some shops tomorrow to have a look at what they have in stock. And at the weekend, we can go to buy you a computer, if you have no other plans.

Anna: My only plan is to buy a laptop, so…yeah.

Mike: Great. I’ll give you a call to agree about where and when to meet.

Anna: Fine, thanks. Mike, you’re such a good friend.




A. Anna doesn’t want to talk about her medical problem. – 1: True

B. Anna sent Mike an invitation to the party via e-mail. – 1: True

C. Mike was away on holiday on Anna’s birthday. – 3: Not stated

D. Anna wants to buy a portable computer with the check. – 1: True

E. Anna doesn’t think she has enough money to buy a computer. – 2: False

F. Anna has been fond of photography for a long time. – 3: Not stated

G. Anna is free for the coming weekend to shop with Mike. – 1: True




Соответствие диалогу 1 1 3 1 2 3




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