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Задание 2

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Travel Agent: Hello! Can I help you?

Client: Well yes, I think so. I need to fly to London next Monday, and I’d like to make reservations for a round-trip ticket, if it’s possible.

Travel Agent: I don’t think there’ll be any problems here. First of all, what day are you planning to leave for London?

Client: Hmm. Let me think. I guess it’s on the 11th of March, would be the best. Oh no, the 12th of March.

Travel Agent: There are three flights to London on that day. At 10:00am, 8:30, and 9:00 pm. Do you have a preference?

Client: I’d rather leave at 9:00pm, because I have to get to London early in the morning, as early as possible. It’s a business trip, you know. So, I’d like to have enough time to do the things I need.

Travel Agent: Fine. I can make a reservation for a TWA flight. They’re reliable. Are you going to travel first class, or economy?

Client: I prefer economy. How much will it be – around four hundred dollars?

Travel Agent: Four hundred and forty dollars, to be exact. You’re not booking well in advance, so…

Client: That’s ridiculous! It’s too much! Could you please take a closer look for me?

Travel Agent: I’m afraid there are no other options left, sir. Besides, meals and refreshments are served on that flight. So, that may make up for it, for you, in terms of the price.

Client: Okay…if I really don’t have any other choices. What’s the flying time?

Travel Agent: Six hours.

Client: And what’s the destination airport? It’s very important to me.

Travel Agent: Let me see. Well…it seems to be the Heathrow Airport.

Client: That’s good news. I don’t expect lots of traffic jams on my way then, and you can always rent a decent car there.

Travel Agent: Good! One more question. How many days are you planning to stay in London?

Client: Hmm. Maybe three days. No, I’m not sure. I might want to see some sights, you know. Or spend the night at the theatre. It’s not like I fly to London every fortnight, right? Could it be an open date?

Travel Agent: Sure. But that’ll make the price jump.

Client: Well, I don’t mind it. Thank you.

Travel Agent: You’re welcome! We’re always glad to be of some service to you.




A. The client is going to London this week. — 2: False

B. The client has chosen an evening flight. — 1: True

C. The client is flying to London for sightseeing. — 2: False

D. The ticket price seems okay for the client. — 2: False

E. It’s the shortest possible flight to London. — 3: Not stated

F. The client dislikes London airports except for Heathrow. — 3: Not stated

G. The final ticket price is lower than the original one. — 2: False




Соответствие диалогу 2 1 2 2 3 3




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