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Speaker A: You see, it has always been my dream to visit Russia. I’m a future artist, and I study at the art school. That’s the reason why I want to go to Russia. The thing is, there are so many Russian painters, both in the past and present, and their pictures are a must-see for anyone who is an aspiring painter. I’d love to see the Tretyakov Gallery, and the Hermitage. Watching the originals of these masterpieces may give me some hints about my future works.


Speaker B: I have planned a trip around Russia — from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. I know this is such a huge distance to cover, and it’s quite a challenge because of the difference in climate in the regions. I’m gonna pass, and because I don’t know any Russian…well, maybe just a couple words. What I want to see is the Russian nature — the Baikal, or the Urals. I’m just not very much into arts and architecture. In Russia, I hope to take the best landscape photos ever.


Speaker C: When I tell my friends that I’m going to spend my next summer holiday in Russia, they feel very skeptical about that, because they know Russia is such a cold country. I’ve been learning Russian for a while, and though I’m not planning to connect my future career with the language, I’m still very much interested in it. I’ve a pen pal in Russia who is eager to put me up and be my guide for a couple of weeks, so why not?


Speaker D: I regularly visit Russia, because some of my relatives still live there, in really different parts of the country. Of course I’ve been to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and I was impressed by the beauty of these two major cities in Russia. But I love smaller places, like faraway towns, where life is not as busy and hectic as in the capitals. Provincial places in Russia are just charmingly beautiful. Sometimes still with just wooden houses — peaceful and quiet.


Speaker E: I love Russia, and most of all, I love Sochi. This city was chosen as a host city for the Winter Olympics 2014. Not by chance, I must say. It’s stunning in both winter and in summer. I’m a sports man, you see, and I love many kinds of sports — from skiing and snowboarding…to swimming. Sochi is perfect for any of these, and the landscapes are just gorgeous. The hotels are clean and comfortable. So for me, Sochi is a number one destination for active rest.


Speaker F: I’ve never been to Russia, but some of my friends have, and they loved every minute of it. You see, my friends and I lead a green life – we are vegetarians and things like that. In terms of eco-holidays, Russia seems the best choice, as it has such territories as the Baikal, with fresh clean air, where the nature is truly unique. Russia is perfect for hiking and camping. Next year, I’m planning to join my friends in their trip to the Russian Far East.




A — 5: Visiting Russia can help me with my future career.

B — 1: Russian nature really attracts foreign tourists.

C — 2: Practicing Russian is a reason to visit the country.

D — 4: Small towns in Russia are as good as big cities.

E — 6: You can do many sports while on holiday in Russia.

F — 3: Russia can offer green style holidays for tourists.




Утверждение 5 1 2 4 6 3



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