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Speaker A: I’m among those people who don’t think that blogging is a waste of time. I have a blog devoted to playing computer games. It’s called “Let’s Play Blog.” How did it all start for me? Well, I’ve always been very good at playing various computer games, and once a friend asked me to show him how to pass a certain level in a game. And I did. He said “Wow. You can earn money doing that.” And I thought – why not? I earn good money now.


Speaker B: I love cosmetics and everything connected with it. If I had a younger sister, I could teach her about that. But I have younger brothers, and you may understand it’s not their kind of thing. They’d rather play computer games. Anyway, I just felt an enormous desire to pass my knowledge to somebody, and I started to make short films about makeup trends, and post them in the Internet. I can’t say my blog is popular, but at least I’m doing what I like.


Speaker C: I think blogging is such a great idea. There are so many different kinds of blogs, but I especially enjoy video blogs of celebrities. I subscribe to several of them, and they are much more interesting than any other kinds of blogs for me. I’m so excited to see my favorite singers, or movie stars, telling the viewers about their everyday life, showing their houses, cars and pets. The more active their lifestyle is, the more interesting it is to watch them.


Speaker D: I don’t find blogging particularly interesting or exciting, but I have a small sister, and she loves watching videos on YouTube. She’s fond of the unpacking blogs. Do you know what that it? Well, such blogs are very popular with kids, as they are shown some popular toys there, and they see them being unpacked and played with. I don’t quite understand why kids love such videos, but my parents hate that, as she starts asking for new toys straight away.


Speaker E: I sometimes watch the so-called “Top Blogs.” These are the blogs that present you a list of the best films, songs, books, and so on. They are great, especially if the blogger has a good sense of humor. But that’s not the main reasons why I enjoy this type of blogs. Being a student and working part-time, I’m always short of time to watch, listen, or read anything the entertainment industry has to offer. So, they help me not waste my time, and make a right choice.


Speaker F: When I had some health problems a couple of years ago, I started to watch craft video blogs and I got hooked.  Now I’m okay, but I still watch those blogs, you know. Thanks to them, I‘ve tried various forms of crafts — from scrapbooking to knitting, from cooking to sewing clothes. I can’t say I was good at everything I tried, but that’s not the point. The point is, I could experiment and learn something, and could do it for free, and when I had time for it.




A — 2: Blogging can become a way of making some money.

B — 4: Blogging can help you continue doing what you love.

C — 7: A blog is a way to see the life of famous people.

D — 1: Some blogs are designed specifically for children.

E — 5: Following blogs can help you save your time.

F — 3: Watching blogs may help you find a new hobby.




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