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Speaker A: Well, as for me, extreme tourism is not my cup of tea. I wouldn’t like to visit any locations that are considered to be adventurous or extreme environments for people. I know some people who are dreaming of going for deep oceans, hot deserts, or cold polar areas. One of my friends is even planning to visit some place where active volcanos exist. I don’t understand it! For me, it’s stupid to risk your life in such a way without any good reason.


Speaker B: I love to go extreme. Modern travel agencies understand that people are tired of traditional places for their holidays and offer holiday destinations which are off the beaten track. I guess extreme tourism is getting more and more popular because people are just curious. They always want something new. In my opinion, it is a major factor driving extreme tourism. It is such kind of curiosity that has led humans to look for life on Mars.


Speaker C: My family and I have been visiting extreme locations for quite a while already. It’s not because we need extra adrenaline in our lives. My parents do believe that extreme tourism is really educational. In their opinion, extreme locations can tell us a lot about the history of places and living things. They also tell us about the way things have changed since those times. I must say, I know much more than my peers, thanks to extreme tourism.


Speaker D: My friends and I love extreme tourism. We started with extreme sports, like surfing and free running, and that gave us an unforgettable adrenaline rush. Now we are into extreme tourism, and visiting an extreme environment is the same as taking part in an adventure sport. It gives the same adrenaline rush to people who do unique activities. We want to live king-size, and we aren’t afraid of taking up challenges. In fact, these challenges excite us.


Speaker E: I haven’t ever done extreme tourism, but I don’t think it’s stupid, or anything. In fact, extreme tourism has many advantages. As any other kind of tourism, it tells us about the history of a place and its culture, but I think it’s more important that extreme tourism lets us discover more about new animals and plant species, or about new reusable resources. In the end, such discoveries provide knowledge on the ways we can protect this world.


Speaker F: Well, I’ve been to some extremely cold and hot places — like deserts in Egypt or Siberia in Russia. It’s not that I like going extreme, but my friends so it and I don’t want to stand out from the crowd. Besides, when you post a photo in such a place on you Facebook profile, everybody likes it and feels interested, or even envious. People start asking you about these places and that’s how you can attract their attention.  At least it works for me.




A — 5: Extreme tourism is an unnecessary risk for people.

B — 1: Extreme tourism has always been in people’s adventurous nature.

C — 7: Extreme tourism for our family is a way of getting knowledge.

D — 2: Extreme tourism satisfies people’s need for risk.

E — 6: Extreme tourism helps people explore the world.

F — 4: Extreme tourism is a way to get people’s attention.




Утверждение 5 1 7 2 6 4



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