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Speaker A: I honestly support school uniforms, and let me explain why. I think one of the problems our current generation is facing is that they are all influenced by gang culture. It is the root cause of numerous evils at schools, and many people from my school are members in the so-called school gangs. With uniforms, I believe, there are not so many chances for conflicts and violence. Besides, it creates a healthy team culture and harmony on campus.


Speaker B: I think when a person hears the word “school”, the first two things that come to mind are discipline and rules. Everybody knows that we kids love to break rules, and it is hard to make us obey. Almost daily at schools, it is common to spend some time making us obey certain rules and disciplining us. Making us wear a uniform is a part of it, but I don’t think there’s any point in trying to do so because kids will be kids. They never obey.


Speaker C:  My school has a dress code which is not exactly a uniform, and some students treat this too creatively. Every morning our teachers start to check our clothes and so on. This happens during the first class, so I think a lot of valuable lesson time could be saved if we had a strict uniform policy at school. People in charge would not have to worry about checking what each and every student is wearing, and whether it’s acceptable or not.


Speaker D: My school doesn’t have a uniform, and I don’t like it. You may be surprised, but look – the best schools in the country do have uniforms and nobody there minds that! I think a uniform creates a sense of belonging and a feeling of pride amongst students towards their institution. I think students wearing a school uniform are more likely to develop a sense of community spirit, which can be later quite useful at work with teambuilding and things like that.


Speaker E: I think school isn’t about studies now. It’s more about hanging out at the canteen, and playing music, but you rarely hear anyone having a good conversation about a lecture. I wish we had a uniform to help us concentrate more on our studies. When all students are wearing a similar outfit, they are less concerned about what other people are wearing. They tend to bond nicely with peers, and can create an environment where they can learn in a group.


Speaker F: I support uniforms because I think they are useful for my future career. Dress codes and uniforms are a part of practically every job now. Professionalism is very important as we grow up and especially when we enter a corporate setup. Of course, I understand that there are no uniforms in some offices, but I believe professionalism is what uniform-friendly children are better at than casually dressed kids. So I don’t mind wearing a uniform to school.




A — 3: Uniforms can help prevent crimes at school.

B — 4: Uniforms will not make life at school better.

C — 1: A uniform makes the school a better organized place.

D — 6: Getting used to uniforms is good for a future career.

E — 7: Uniforms make students focus more on their learning.

F — 5: Uniforms can teach students how to behave professionally.




Утверждение 3 4 1 6 7 5



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