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Speaker A: My mom used to tell me that schools should be schools, and not fashion shows, when I was attending my school. At that time, I had little or no knowledge of what she was actually trying to say. I was usually, like, “what is wrong in wearing my baggy jeans at school?” Like any other teenager, I had this extremely carefree attitude, which made me not the greatest advocate for school uniforms. Now, being a freshman, I understand I was wrong.


Speaker B: I am totally against wearing uniforms at school. Firstly, I think it undermines students’ ability to think creatively, and doesn’t let them express their individuality. Secondly, uniforms are culturally incorrect, especially in countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK, where people from different cultures live…or at least try to live, in harmony. I think kids should not look like clones of one another. And what suits one person will be bad for another.


Speaker C: Our history teacher told us an interesting thing about uniforms the other day. Believe it or not, the debate whether there should be uniform at school, or not, began in the 19th century. I think generally people tend to mess up with traditional things and create something totally new. Yes, this is innovation, I know, but too much of it in everything is wrong. It is the blend of traditional values and innovative techniques that we want.


Speaker D: A lot of my classmates say that wearing a school uniform is boring. Well, I do see that the idea of wearing the same colour and style every day to school actually is boring. But I think there are numerous different ways students can add their personal touch to school uniforms, like a different hairstyle, use of a cool nail polish, or the addition of accessories, such as buttons, socks, scarfs, and the list can just go on. It’s easy, and creative, and cool.


Speaker E: As for me, I love designer clothes, but not the fact that they are pretty expensive. I hate to think of what I am going to wear tomorrow for school, plus girls usually remember what their classmates wear every day, so they always need something new. I belong to a middle class family, so I don’t really want my parents to spend a fortune on my clothes. School uniforms can considerable cut down on the expenses of my family, so I am okay with uniforms.


Speaker F:  Our school has recently introduced a uniform, and I honestly like it. It may look dull, but believe me or not, I do find that getting dressed in the morning is fine if you know what you have to wear. This can help me get ready in the morning quickly, and lessen the chances of missing school. I think one of the best things about uniforms is that you don’t have to worry about matching outfits, and what goes with your trousers, or anything.




A — 5: The importance of the uniform may be realized after leaving school.

B — 3: There are too many disadvantages about a school uniform.

C — 2: The discussion about school uniforms has a long history.

D — 6: You can always find a way to look innovative.

E — 4: School uniforms are a way to save your family’s money.

F — 1: With a uniform it is easier to get ready for school in the morning.




Утверждение 5 3 2 6 4 1



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