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Speaker A: If you ask me, I think having a pen pal is a great idea — at least it works for me. You see I’m quite introverted and I don’t easily relate to people. I need time to get accustomed to a person to start talking with him or her. With writing letters, it’s so much better. I can think over what I’m going to say, so there’s little chance of being misunderstood. That’s important to me. I can still communicate to people and I’m not alone, thanks to having a pen pal.


Speaker B: I can see why people want to find a pen pal, but this is just not my cup of tea. I mean, I don’t know what to write about. The fact is I have never met this person and I can’t be sure about whether what I am writing about is interesting or not. Eventually you get a response of course, but in a few days if not weeks, and that just spoils all the fun. I’d better talk to my friends seeing their reaction at once, discussing things instead of waiting for a reply.


Speaker C: I’ve had a pen pal for about five years — ever since I started learning Spanish. My teacher was not satisfied with my progress and I said to him that I didn’t feel any need to learn the language as no one around me spoke it. My teacher gave me the link to a site where you can find pen pals from all over the world, and I registered. Pretty soon I found a guy of my age from Spain and just for fun I wrote to him. That hit the ball rolling. My Spanish is okay now.


Speaker D: I have loads of pen pals but that’s because I travel so much. My parents have a job that makes them travel the world and I just have to follow them. It’s fun meeting new people and making new friends but then it’s time to say goodbye, and that’s not fun. I’ve tried Skype, but it’s not the same. For some reason I got fascinated by writing letters. It seems very personal. I spend several hours a week writing letters now as I have so many pen pals, all close friends of mine.


Speaker E: I think having a pen pal is a sheer waste of time. Who needs letters written on paper if you can just phone to your friend? Maybe once it was cheaper to write letters, but not now. We have Skype and you can communicate with anyone, from any country of the world — for free, as long as there is internet connection. I think Skype’s a great substitute for the old fashioned habit of writing letters. Having pen pals — it’s so last age. That’s my opinion.


Speaker F: I have a pen pal. I know it may sound funny. My friends don’t see the point of writing letters when you can phone, email, or Skype anybody. I don’t argue with them, but still I write letters. I have only one pen pal. That’s quite enough. I don’t know why he writes to me — probably to practice his English, as he is from Spain. As for me, I just enjoy the process — buying the best paper and a good pen, selecting the words carefully, putting them down.




A — 2: Having a pen pal is good for a shy person.

B — 7: For me regular letters is a slow way of communication.

C — 6: My pen pal helped me to learn a language.

D — 3: Writing letters is good to keep in touch with friends.

E — 5: Having a pen pal now is very old-fashioned.

F — 4: Writing letters is a pleasant process.




Утверждение 2 7 6 3 5 4



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