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Speaker A:  As I see it, visiting other places really broadens your imagination. When you stay in one place, your mind gets bored from seeing the same old scenery every day. Traveling lets you get new ideas, new thoughts. I mean, when you see how other people live, you begin to make mental notes or, or even written ones. You can use them later to create something extraordinary that others would want to read. So I grab any opportunity to travel.


Speaker B: Um, my parents never took me anywhere. On holidays we stayed home and watched TV. You know, the most exciting trip I ever took as a kid was a 30-minute drive across town to see my relatives. It was at Easter, it seems. I don’t think I’ve ever even owned a big bag or a suitcase, and so I had no idea how to pack for a trip when I had to travel on business two weeks ago. No one has ever taught me how, you know.


Speaker C: I travel often on business. My company has many partners in over 10 countries, so I visit a new place almost every three months. Um, business trips aren’t as long and are rarely exciting, so for me I’d say traveling is tiring. So, when on holiday I prefer to stay in my garden and tend to my flowers. I bet my kids aren’t too happy about that, well, um, usually, they are upset with me for that, but I am sorry I just can’t make myself get on a plane during my time off.


Speaker D: We go on short road trips every month. I like to show my kids new places in our area. We visit local museums, villages, monasteries and other fun spots. Let’s see…sometimes we just take day trips but sometimes we stay overnight in a hotel. The kids love hotels but they can be expensive. We often eat on the road, so we take most of the food with us. You know, it saves us money that way. If we meet new people on the road, we get acquainted and save contacts for later.


Speaker E: I’ve never been on a package holiday myself. You know, I sell them to people every day. People really like to have package deals when they have a beach holiday in some foreign country. That way they don’t have to worry about accommodation and transportation. But, it’s always been my dream to get one of the deals and spend 10 days on the white sand under the burning sun. Instead, I continue to sell this dream to others.


Speaker F: I literally see a new place every week. You see, I’m a reporter for the “Travel” magazine, so traveling is my lifestyle. I get to experience new places from all their aspects: people, food, culture, traditions…um, all of it. You know, it’s a lot of fun but still, there are times I’d give a lot to be sent to a different place. Like, I am not too keen on eating snakes and spiders or sleeping in a hammock to keep away from tarantulas. I had to do that at one point, you know.




A — 4: This world is too exciting to stay home.

B — 3: Nobody has ever taught me how to travel.

C — 2: Work affects family holidays.

D — 1: There is no need to go far to make memories.

E — 5: Sometimes I’d like to change places with my clients.

F — 7: Negative side effects of an exciting job.




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