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Speaker A: I’ve been away from my home country for a long time now. With the internet, and specifically my blog, Skype, Facebook and Twitter, I communicate with my relatives far more often than I ever did when I was at home. When you do return home, it’s such a joy. I only come home once or twice a year, so every time I’m there, I try to see everyone. We do our best to make those meetings special and memorable.


Speaker B: After school, I wanted to go straight to college. But my dad advised me to take a gap year, and it won’t derail my life. He said it would be good to spend my time trying to get more information about my future profession, to meet people, get new experience, and decide whether that’s what I want to do. He also said that there are many professions in the world, and the career opportunities are endless, really, and I’ll certainly follow my father’s advice.


Speaker C: When I decided to travel after college for a year or so, everybody started saying it’s going to be so dangerous. I think if you’re careful with money and don’t walk down dark alleys in dangerous neighbourhoods in your own city, so obviously you won’t do it when you travel. Safety is about following common sense. I believe most countries in the world are perfectly safe. People themselves attract undesired attention if they are dressed inappropriately and behave silly.


Speaker D: I’ll never ever go on a gap year or any long term travel abroad. No package holidays, no exotic countries…that sort of thing, for me. You see, my oldest sister had her gap year and it was a complete disaster. She had her passport stolen when she was swimming, her expensive camera was stolen because she left the room door in the dormitory slightly open as it was too hot. She got stomach problems after eating local food. It might have been just a coincidence, but I don’t want to risk it.


Speaker E: I want to travel and see the world so much, but I’m a fussy eater and I’m not sure I’ll have something to eat while I’m travelling. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I just can’t help it. But our friends keep saying that a gastronomic experience adds spice to travelling, and there are many countries that have wonderful national cuisines. But I still firmly believe that America is the only country with really good food choices for me.


Speaker F: Seeing the world is great, but I don’t have enough money for a proper gap year. Still, I read that you can cut down on the costs considerably. Actually, in most countries around the world, you can live cheaper and better than you do now back home. The biggest cost in travelling is likely to be plane tickets, so the solution is to use trains and local transport. It will also let me stay in each location longer to get a better feel for the people and culture. I think I’m up for it!




A — 5: There are many ways to keep in touch with relatives and friends.

B — 1: It’s good to learn more about your future profession before getting a degree.

C — 2: Don’t show off and you won’t get into trouble.

D — 3: Unpleasant accidents with your relatives can put you off traveling abroad.

E — 6: Some people don’t want to travel because they’re addicted to local food.

F — 4: There are always some ways to reduce your travel cost.




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