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Speaker A: There are four people in my family – my mother, my father, my brother, and myself. We live in a big house, so there is always much work in there. There is also a lot of work in the back yard. My duties about the house are to clean the rooms, to wash the dishes after meals, and to do the shopping. In spring and autumn, my special duty is to help my parents in the garden. I look after the flowers and vegetables, and fix the fence.


Speaker B: I’m about to finish school, so I am always busy with my studies. And my parents think it’s not the best time now to make me wash the floor, or water the flowers. But the point is, I like doing housework, so I found a solution – helping my mom in the kitchen. I bring my laptop to the kitchen and put on some educational video, and bake cakes or pies, or wash up, or set the table. Thus, I can get prepared for my finals and help my mom at the same time.


Speaker C: My parents believe housework must be shared. In our family, everybody works with pleasure. I haven’t got any brother who could help my father to make furniture or do carpentry, so he has to do it himself. I have no younger sisters or brothers, but if I did have them, I would be a very good babysitter, because I like little children very much. So, I help my parents, and there is nobody I can teach to help me, but that’s okay. I like household duties.


Speaker D: When I come home very early, I don’t just sit and wait till my mother comes back and prepares dinner for me. I do it myself. And when my parents are back from work, I’m glad to greet them and invite them to the kitchen to taste my cooking. I think that the duties about the house are divided between my father, my mother, and me quite justly. Though most of the cooking in our family is done by my mother, I help her by setting the table and clearing it after meals, and washing up.


Speaker E: I’m an only child in the family and have my finals in the spring, so I work hard as I want to enter a prestigious university. I’ve never been made to do any housework, except I have to clean my room. It’s a point of conflict between us as their idea of a clean room differs from mine as chalk from cheese. They don’t like my posters and piles of discs and books everywhere, but it’s so convenient for me. They must see it.


Speaker F: My mom has recently had a baby girl, so I have a younger sister now. She’s adorable. But, as for the household, my life has become so much harder. I have to help my mom – to sit with my little sister, to let my mom nap for a little while. I iron the linen, do some shopping, and keep the rooms clean and tidy. I also cook now and then. I think it’s okay because my mom is very tired. So, for the time being, I can’t walk with my friends anymore.




A — 5: I have my specific seasonal duties about the house.

B — 4: Despite being busy at school I still try to help my mom about the house.

C — 2: I don’t mind helping my parents doing things about the house.

D — 1: When I have time I cook for my family.

E — 6: My parents and I have conflicts because of housework.

F — 7: Extra housework prevents me from going out more.




Утверждение 5 4 2 1 6 7



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